I Chronicles 29: David’s Final Address

( 30 verses,  5:28 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • David concludes his final speech that he began in Chapter 28.  We hear of the offerings for the House of the Lord.  David prays for the assembly.  Solomon is anointed as king.  David dies.


  • vs.1-9–Offerings for the Temple
    • vs.1-5–We hear of David’s offerings given to the Lord.
      • v.1–Solomon is young and inexperienced.  This work of Solomon will be difficult, but indeed it is the Lord completing His work through Solomon; for God alone has chosen Solomon.
        • This palace, the Temple, is not for man but for the Lord.
      • v.2–David recounts all that he, as king of Israel, has assembled for the House of God.
      • v.3-5a–David declares that he has also willingly given of his own riches as well.
      • v.5b–David gives the opportunity for all others to present their willing offerings.
    • vs.6-9–The assembly presents their offerings.
      • v.9–The people rejoice in this opportunity.  Their offerings are not coerced or forced, but given of a willing heart.
        • In this way we too may rejoice and have joy in the offerings that we present before our Lord.
  • vs. 10-22a–David prays.  This is not just a personal prayer.  It is the communal prayer of the assembly; a prayer spoken with one voice and one heart, even though it is said by one man.
      • vs. 10-13–David declares, even in the midst of building this Temple for the Lord and putting aside all of the wealth and adornments, that all things are God’s.  His is the glory, the victory, and the majesty; with or without the Temple.
      • vs. 14-18–Even the things which David and the people have given are not from their hands, but from the Lord’s.
        • But it is a joy to see the people give freely and willingly of the gifts already given to them!
      • v. 19–A specific prayer for Solomon that his heart may be kept pure and that he may forever walk in the way of the Lord.
      • vs.20-22a–A magnificent sacrifice is made to the Lord.
  • vs.22b-25–Solomon is made king.
    • Initially David had declared Solomon to be king back in chapter 23.  Now he is acclaimed to be king before all of Israel.
  • vs. 26-30–David dies.


  • The accounts that we read in I Chronicles are not fictitious fables.  The Chronicler makes known that his rendering is but a sliver of the historical accounts of David’s life.  (See vs.29-30. cf. I Kg 2)
  • It is good that we willingly and freely give gifts back to our Lord.  And it is good that our houses of worship are adorned in beauty and splendor.  The places that we worship (the architecture, art, symbols, etc.) speak not only to the glory of God, the glory found at the cross, but they also serve as reminders to our own senses of the gifts of our Lord given freely to us in the Divine Service.
  • Let us pray…  Most merciful God, all things are Yours.  There is nothing in the earth that You do not hold in Your hand and nothing that we could give to You that You have not already given to us.  May we forever be blessed by the worship found in Your house; whether it be in a magnificent cathedral or a humble basement.  For it is here that You continue to give Your true gifts of forgiveness, life, and salvation to poor and undeserving sinners.  In Jesus name.  Amen.

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Lord’s Blessings,
Rev. Eli Lietzau
Faith in Christ Lutheran Church, ABQ, NM


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