Psalm 40: He Drew Me Out of the Pit

(17 verses, 2:25 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • David sings a psalm that praises God for the present and future deliverance of the Gospel.


  • The Lord helps those who wait, fear, and trust in him (1-5a).
  • David delights in his vocation as preacher (5b-10).
  • David confesses the Lord’s mercy, love, and faithfulness (11-12)
  • A prayer for help and deliverance (13-15).
  • The saints who seek God love the Lord’s salvation (15-17).


  • In many ways, the structure of the psalms mirrors the pattern of Christian life. In one section, David laments his sin but in the next he praises God for salvation. This is the pattern of daily repentance. When we fall into sin, we lament our iniquity. Then we hear the Word of the Lord and rejoice, because we have been saved from our sin by Jesus. By remaining in God’s Word, the Lord keeps us from the fury of the devils attacks which seek to keep us in the depths of despair. The Word comforts, consoles, and strengthens us because it delivers Jesus.
  • Notice that the Lord does not desire the blood of animals or beasts. But rather that his saints have the heart of faith.
  • When I consider versus 5-10, I wonder if this is actually a prophesy about Christ fulfilling his office of prophet during the earthly ministry. Either way, David speaks as a true Law and Gospel preacher who always lets the Gospel predominate.


  • The Lord’s steadfast love and faithfulness preserves us. His love is given to us through Christ who suffered the penalty of our sin. He delivers the fruits of his love through a promise of forgiveness. God cannot lie. When we hear about the Lord’s faithfulness, it means that his Word can be trusted. When he says you are forgiven for Jesus’ sake, nothing can change God’s mind.

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