1 Chronicles 20: David defeats more giants!


(8 verses. 1:00 to read)

What I am about to READ

David’s army defeats the Ammonites and the Philistines


The Lord was with King David and delivered into his hand his many enemies.  In this chapter David defeats the Ammonites by the hand of his servant Joab, his military commander.  The Ammonite king’s crown weighed an exorbitant 75 pounds!  The Ammonites were a constant military threat to David who lived across the Jordan about 50 miles northeast of Jerusalem.  This battle decisively ended any further threat from the pagan group.

The Philistines were also a constant problem for David and for Israel.  Philitistia lay only 20 miles west of Jerusalem and so border feuds and all-out military incursions by the pagan nation were very common.  This short chapter mentions three such battles where David, again through his military commanders, defeated the Philistines.

This chapter also mentions the Philistine giants, similar to the great Goliath whom David slew with a sling in 1 Sam 17. In this chapter some of these giants are said to have six toes and six fingers, which would also indicate a certain genetic disorder which may have caused giantism in the first place among the Philistines.  One of the giants struck down in this chapter was indeed the brother of Goliath, Lahmi, killed by Elhanan.


Lord God, you were faithful to your promises to David to prosper his way so that a King would emerge through his line, a King who would “in the spring when kings go off to war” (vs. 1) enter Jerusalem to do battle with the Devil and to conquer death itself in our stead. Keep us mindful this Passiontide of the battles that your Son endured for us that we would be the victors through his death and resurrection.  Amen.


Pr. Ross





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