1 Chronicles 14: David defeats the Philistines…again.


(17 verses, 2:00 to read)

What I am about to READ

God prospers King David and he is once again victorious in battle over the Philistines.


David must have surely been a great and powerful king at this time, for the king of Tyre, a pagan nation, sent builders and materials to build a house for David as a token of goodwill between the two kings.  Further evidence of the relative peace and prosperity of Israel during this time is the fact that David took for himself many wives who bore him many children, including Solomon, who would be king after him.

However, the power of Israel does not stop the Philistines from trying to raid in territory controlled by David. In this trail as in so many others David inquires of the Lord as to whether he should go up against the Philistines or no.  The Lord answers that he will give the Philistines into his hand, and David defeats them with the help of the Lord.

Amazingly, once again the Philistines go up against David in the same valley, and once again David inquires of the Lord.  God being the consummate military commander, tells David to to go up around on the Philistine rear and wait for “the sound of marching in the tops of the balsam trees” a reference to the angelic hosts that God would give to his aid. The Philistines were likely more prepared for a similar battle that they had experienced before but God changes the engagement entirely.  Here he promises angelic help for battle as well as a dominant military position.  The Philistines are routed mightily and David’s fame spreads further throughout the region.


Lord Jesus, you are our great Captain.  Make bare your arm and fight for us once again.  Our ancient enemy the devil prowls around us, tempting us to doubt your might and power.  He is already conquered.  Drive him back from us by your word of power and the message that our sins are forgiven, that you love us, and that you will bring us home from this battle to your home in Heaven.  In your Name we pray, Amen.


Pr. Ross


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