Amos 5: Seek Me and Live

(27 verses, 3:11 to read)
What I am about to READ
  • Seek Me and live, says the Lord
  • 1-3: A word of “lamentation” (vs. 1)
  • 4-17: The Lord says, “seek Me and live!” or in a differerent way, “seek good, and not evil.”
  • 18-20: The unrepentant should not look forward to the Day of the Lord
  • 21-27: The Lord despises false worship.  This includes especially the false worship of the heart.  If the feasts, the offerings, and the songs are right, but the heart is wrong, it is false worship for the individual.
  • vs. 7 once again emphasizes the great sin of abusing the poor.
  • vs. 10 teaches us to love rebuke and correction from the Lord’s Word by teaching us the danger of those who do not love it.
  • Vs. 11 teaches us that true enjoyment of God’s gifts does not come when His gifts are abused.  The heart is inclined to set it’s hope on the gift rather than the Giver and will be sorely disappointed when that gift disappears.
  • Compare the admonition’s to seek the Lord so that He “will be with you,” (14) to the warning that God in their midst will cause wailing (17).  God desires to be sought!  Thank the Lord He gives us a way to seek Him through His Word.  That is life.  That is comfort.  That is God with us revealing our sin (I know how many are you transgressions and how great are your sins… [12]) and then declaring us righteous and clean.  That is different than God in our midst pronouncing judgment as He will on those who do no repent (17-20).  For they who do need repent, praying for God to come will be like fleeing from a lion only to meet a bear (19).
  • A prayer focused on the emphasis of the poor in Amos.
  • Lord Jesus, you teach me to seek you and live.  I can only do this because You have first sought me and given me a command to seek you and promise that I will live as I seek You in Your revealed Word.  You have shown your concern for me, a poor sinner, by giving me Your life, knowing that I can give nothing in return.  Help me to love the people in my life that I so often perceive as ones who can give me nothing in return and so live in You.
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Christopher Stout, Pastor of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, Kannapolis, NC & Abundant Life Lutheran Church, Charlotte, NC



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