Amos 3: The Lord Has Spoken Against You

(15 verses, 2:01 to read)


What I am about to READ

  • This chapter continues the prophecy concerning the fall of Israel and Judah.


  • vv. 1-2 Israel is the only nation God has brought up and saved, and they will bear the consequences for their sins.
  • vv. 3-6 are a series of rhetorical questions that culminates in the final question about the Lord bringing disaster upon a city.
  • vv. 7-8 are a reminder that God has, time and again, sent His prophets to warn His people of the coming destruction if they failed to repent.
  • vv. 9-10 the judgment goes out to the entire nation, and there will be witnesses from Egypt and the Philistines.
  • vv. 11-15 the destruction resulting the from the judgment is described.


  • Through Amos, the Lord threatens punishment yet again for the sins of Israel. Particularly stunning, perhaps, is that Egypt and Philistia will serve as witnesses to the coming destruction. Egypt, of course, is the land from which God Himself delivered the Israelites, and the Philistines were a constant enemy of the Israelites from the time of the judges.
  • The image of the shepherd rescuing the bloodied and torn limbs from the mouth of a lion indicates that the fall of Israel will be utterly devastating. Very little will remain from the days of David and Solomon, and many will be killed. It is perhaps in this place, however, that we can see a glimmer of hope for Israel. Though the destruction will be great, a small portion–a remnant–will be preserved by God. This shows the faithfulness of God to His promises made to Abraham way back in Genesis. From Abraham’s line, then, will come the Messiah, who will save His people from their sins. God will not completely wipe out Israel, but will preserve the line of the Messiah.
  • This sad portion of Israel’s history is our family story. As the children of Abraham by faith, we ought to take Amos’ words as a stern warning against our sinful flesh. However, we can also see how our Lord’s Word will not be broken. As much as the world rails against us, the Lord will preserve His saints through the appointed means of Word and Sacrament.


  • Prayer: Holy Lord, pardon all our arrogance and do not come to us in wrath to remove the lamp of Your Word from before our eyes! O Lord, we pray You: visit this vine, which You once established for Yourself, and renew us with the sun of Your mercy and the water of eternal life. Amen.

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